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Saxophone | Musical Instrument




In the family of the most widely practiced instruments, the saxophone is more commonly used. It was invented Adolphe Sax and in 1814 in Belgium.

It is a type of device worldwide, made by wood at the time of the first invention, which was gradually transformed into metal, which also uses these metals.

Following a distinctive, metallic texture, it began to use bright colors to play, with a mouthpiece at its mouth that emits sound from air pressure in it.

And various holes and its buttons are placed which create different tones under the wind pressure when Adolphe sax first made a wooden saxophone, he could not make much twisting in it, so later the saxophone was made of metal.

The purpose of making it was to produce an instrument that matched the sound of the orchestral instrument, which was made of metal and matched with wooden instruments. Saxophones made in the beginning were large and their size became smaller over time.

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Alto Saxophone

It has some characteristics in differentiating the family of saxophone, which makes it a member of the family of saxophone but slightly different from it.


As seen in its design, it is simple and bendable compared to other saxophones but not much.

Its Tone also contributes to making it different, which gives the sound of Tune Notes from Sound Eb major sixth to High-Frequency Notes to F# Fsharp according to Key Notes.

In comparison to other instrumental instruments, there is less air pressure in the playing of the saxophone family, despite this, sweet sound is found.

Saxophone Family

The name saxophone is taken not for an instrument but for the whole family, but the latter or earlier word will be the type you were previously told about alto saxophone, a member of the saxophone family, a type of saxophone, The 14 members are believed to be the Saxo family, but we will know some important aspects about the main members.

When members of the saxophone family are compared to other saxophones, this leads them to the conclusion that their texture and tone are different than other saxophones.


It gives a louder sound than the alto and as a result, is used more in Western music. It is slightly more expensive than the Alto Saxophone. It is also slightly lighter than Alto. It is mostly used in large orchestras and films. The reason that it is in music is that alto saxophone is easier, cheaper, less expensive, and more popular, but it is also the reason for playing in movie music. The ace is easily played by the composer.



Alto and tenor saxophone have almost the same texture but this is completely different in texture as it is straight instead of curved, it is smaller and less weighty than alto and tenor is used in all types of music goes. Makes a thinner sound than Alto and Tenor and has more sound than Tenor and Alto, both having more holes than this. Its mouthpiece is also small.

It cannot be used initially for learning as it is slightly harder than other saxophones.


Bass and baritone

It is used for low frequency and high heaviness and underpinnings, and at this large size, it is played by most experts, as it is very difficult to play with it initially due to their size, but not difficult after good mastery. Yes, it is played on sit and is more appropriate in the Western classic.


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