Salman Khan’s new song released on Eid Special

Salman Khan has released his new song titled “Bhai Bhai“, the song reflects the brotherhood of Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians and those who do not believe in this brotherhood is being called towards brotherhood.

In this global epidemic, Salman Khan has released three of his songs and his songs are getting a good response. The song got 4.2 million views, 905k likes 34k dislikes and 60k comments in 11 hours. Because of this reaction we can assume that this song is very good.

Salman Khan is a well-known Bollywood actor, be it his films or songs are almost all hits. He wants to convey his message to his audience that in this bad time, live with each other, help each other, and live with brotherhood because there is no time to fight.

The song is composed by Sajid Wajid, composed by Aditya Dev, lyrics by singers Salman Khan and Ruhan Arshad, Salman Khan and Danish Sabri, rap lyrics by Ruhan Arshad, producer Niketan Madhok (Green Apple Films) Choreographer & DOP saajan singh, the editor is Ritesh Soni, the post-studio mantra Pixel. This song has been launched with everyone’s hard work.