Amit Bhadana has announced his new song and web series


Amit Bhadana has announced his new song and web series. Which will come soon, when they have 20 million subscribers on their YouTube channel, they will release both their new songs and web series. He has not revealed much about his new song and web series, but both his song and web series will be … Read more

Tere Sath Hain hum release of Taleem Music

Tere saath hain hum

The song Tere Saath Hain hum has been composed for our country of India, which is still in this difficult moment. In this song, many artists have shown their black, the lyrics of this song have been given by Kunaal Vermaa and music has been given by Sajid Wajid, this video starts with Indian flag. … Read more

new world song of Emiway Bantai has been released | ft. Snoop Dogg and Lexz Pryde

Emiway Bantai NEw World

Emiway Bantai has released her new song titled New World which will be accompanied by Snoop Dogg and Lexz Pryde, This song is an international collab that starts with an introduction, and then the song starts. The song begins with Snoop Dogg and then comes Lexz Pride, who is singing in English. Finally, Emiway Bantai … Read more

Emiway Bantai new song release with ft. Snoop Dogg

Emiway Bantai new song

Emiway Bantai, lexz Pryde, and Snoop Dogg are performing an international collab song called New World. Emiway Bantai has officially revealed its release date, which is scheduled to take place on 22 May 2020 (Friday). Along with this, Emiway Bantai has also posted a post on her Instagram account which you can see below. This … Read more

Can Tik Tok be banned in India?

TikTok banned in india

What is Tik Tok? First of all, know what is Tik Tok, Tik Tok is a social media application through which smartphone users can create and share short videos (15 seconds to 1 minute). ‘Bite Dance’ is a company owned by it, which launched ‘Tik Tok’ in China in September 2016. However, there are many … Read more

Saxophone | Musical Instrument


In the family of the most widely practiced instruments, the saxophone is more commonly used. It was invented “Adolphe Sax“ and in 1814 in Belgium. It is a type of device worldwide, made by wood at the time of the first invention, which was gradually transformed into metal, which also uses these metals. Following a … Read more

Shehnai | Indian Classical Wind Musical Instrument


Origin of the shehnai Shehnai was invented by correcting Pungi, both Pungi and Shehnai were invented in India with the words “Sur” and “Naal”, which means the tube from which the sound is extracted! Shehnai is thinner and longer than Pungi and has a thinner tone at its core. It is not clear when the … Read more